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Recent Reviews

Black magic Ultra studio

Spoke to the company before purchasing and their advice was spot on on. Purchased the product and it arrived promptly via registered post. Can't... Read more

Nigel Walker


Same day delivery on a product i needed to solve an emergency situation, fast efficient and a delight to purchase from. Read more

Steven Hunter

First time buyer. Very pleased.

Needed a small part to replace something i'd lost. They had it in stock for a good price and I got it the next day. Postage was reasonable and... Read more

Michael Bradshaw


For Urgent Delivery

Call to arrange same-day courier delivery within the M25 and other South-East locations
... Read More >>

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Test Equipment

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Blackmagic UltraScope
£456.50 (ex VAT)
£547.80 (inc VAT)
Blackmagic Pocket UltraScope
£393.50 (ex VAT)
£472.20 (inc VAT)
GefenToolBox: HD Pattern Signal Generator
£882.00 (ex VAT)
£1,058.40 (inc VAT)
TV One HDMI Test Pattern Generator
£154.75 (ex VAT)
£185.70 (inc VAT)
Atomos Connect H2S HDMI to HD-SDI Converter
£175.00 (ex VAT)
£210.00 (inc VAT)
Atomos Connect S2H HD-SDI to HDMI Converter
£175.00 (ex VAT)
£210.00 (inc VAT)
Kramer: Composite Colour Bar / Audio Generator
£215.20 (ex VAT)
£258.24 (inc VAT)
Kramer: Communications Interfaces Converter
£79.40 (ex VAT)
£95.28 (inc VAT)
Blackmagic SmartScope Duo 4K
£655.83 (ex VAT)
£787.00 (inc VAT)
Kramer: 840Hxl HDMI Pattern Generator
£295.00 (ex VAT)
£354.00 (inc VAT)
Kramer: 850 DisplayPort Pattern Generator
£394.21 (ex VAT)
£473.05 (inc VAT)
Lynx Technik: PTG 3610-D Testor + Svc Adapter + PSU + PTG Flash
£1,670.00 (ex VAT)
£2,004.00 (inc VAT)
Lynx Technik: PTG 3610-B Testor + Svc Adapter + PSU + PTG Flash
£1,670.00 (ex VAT)
£2,004.00 (inc VAT)
CYP: XA-1 3D Ready Mini Pattern Generator
£235.41 (ex VAT)
£282.49 (inc VAT)
Kramer: Multi-St CV & SDI BlackBurst, Pattern & Tone Generator
£1,325.22 (ex VAT)
£1,590.26 (inc VAT)
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