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Kona Video Cards

Solid performance and powerful features. Unparalleled reliability. Built for video professionals by video professionals.

AJA KONA capture, display and mastering solutions for SD, HD, 3G, Dual Link HD and 2K on a Mac or PC

Ingest from Analog or Digital sources, such as Decks and Cameras.
your work in action on Broadcast Monitors, Plasmas and Projectors.
your multi-track audio through your Mixers and Speakers.
your project to HD and SD simultaneously on Digital or Analog tapes or disks.

It's in the hardware - Master all formats with KONA.

KONA cards offer maximum connectivity like 3G/HD/SD SDI, Component, and HDMI, along with the flexibility of superior conversion capability, allowing you to place the needs of your project first.

Unburden your CPU.
Within supported applications, KONA's Hardware Scalar Acceleration takes a portion of the codec processing load off the CPU, allowing your computer to concentrate on what you care about, more RealTime effects.

No more rendering for raster resizing. AJA KONA's superior "always-on" 10-bit hardware-based Up/Cross/ Down conversion offers you the ability to ingest to the standard of your project while displaying and mastering live simultaneously to HD and SD as your needs require.