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Easily found the item I needed, works perfectly. Read more

David Warner

Value for money

Probably not the cheapest and definitely not the most expensive but you do get value for money.I think an honest service was delivered and the... Read more

Arvind Anand


For Urgent Delivery

Call to arrange same-day courier delivery within the M25 and other South-East locations
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Pro Video Recorders

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Blackmagic HyperDeck Studio Pro 2
£1,322.80 (ex VAT)
£1,587.36 (inc VAT)
Blackmagic HyperDeck Studio 2
£657.20 (ex VAT)
£788.64 (inc VAT)
Atomos Ninja 2 Recorder
£419.20 (ex VAT)
£503.04 (inc VAT)
Blackmagic HyperDeck Shuttle (v2)
£238.10 (ex VAT)
£285.72 (inc VAT)
Datavideo: DN-60 Portable DV/HDV Recorder
£330.50 (ex VAT)
£396.60 (inc VAT)
AJA: KI-Pro Disk Recorder
£2,699.00 (ex VAT)
£3,238.80 (inc VAT)
AJA: KI-Pro-Mini
£1,544.00 (ex VAT)
£1,852.80 (inc VAT)
AJA: KI-Pro Rack Disk Recorder
£3,199.00 (ex VAT)
£3,838.80 (inc VAT)
Datavideo DN-600 Hard Drive Recorder (No HDD Inc)
£989.38 (ex VAT)
£1,187.26 (inc VAT)
Datavideo HDR-70 Rackmount HD-SD/SDI Recorder
£1,097.75 (ex VAT)
£1,317.30 (inc VAT)
Datavideo HDR-60 HD/SD-SDI Recorder
£1,135.25 (ex VAT)
£1,362.30 (inc VAT)
AJA: Ki-Pro-Quad
£2,980.35 (ex VAT)
£3,576.42 (inc VAT)
Sound Devices PIX 240I KIT
£4,350.00 (ex VAT)
£5,220.00 (inc VAT)
Convergent Design: CD-GEM-3D-01
£1,395.00 (ex VAT)
£1,674.00 (inc VAT)
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