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Audio Converters (A/D and D/A)

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£351.00 (ex VAT)
£421.20 (inc VAT)
CYP: AU-D18 Lip Sync Corrector
£65.72 (ex VAT)
£78.86 (inc VAT)
Kramer PT-2SPDIF: S/PDIF Toslink to COAX Converter
£64.79 (ex VAT)
£77.75 (inc VAT)
Kramer: 482XL Balanced / UnBalanced St-Audio Transcoder
£111.20 (ex VAT)
£133.44 (inc VAT)
Sonifex: Digital Splitter & Combiner
£376.63 (ex VAT)
£451.96 (inc VAT)
Sonifex: Digital to Analogue Converter
£377.05 (ex VAT)
£452.46 (inc VAT)
Sonifex: Sample Rate Converter (24 bit, 96kHz Capable)
£322.88 (ex VAT)
£387.46 (inc VAT)
Sonifex: 6 Way Mono Passive Line Isolation Unit
£301.18 (ex VAT)
£361.42 (inc VAT)
Sonifex: Stereo Line Isolation Unit
£260.96 (ex VAT)
£313.15 (inc VAT)
Sonifex: Dual Stereo RIAA Phono Amplifier
£220.46 (ex VAT)
£264.55 (inc VAT)
Sonifex: Single Stereo Bi-Directional Matching Converter
£205.68 (ex VAT)
£246.82 (inc VAT)
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