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Test Equipment

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Blackmagic: UltraScope
£448.50 (ex VAT)
£538.20 (inc VAT)
Blackmagic: Pocket UltraScope
£393.50 (ex VAT)
£472.20 (inc VAT)
GefenToolBox: HD Pattern Signal Generator
£717.95 (ex VAT)
£861.54 (inc VAT)
TV One: HDMI Test Pattern Generator
£189.75 (ex VAT)
£227.70 (inc VAT)
Kramer: 810 Composite Colour Bar / Audio Generator
£239.20 (ex VAT)
£287.04 (inc VAT)
Kramer: 840HXL HDMI Pattern Generator
£333.92 (ex VAT)
£400.70 (inc VAT)
Kramer: 850 DisplayPort Pattern Generator
£433.71 (ex VAT)
£520.45 (inc VAT)
CYP: XA-1 3D Ready Mini Pattern Generator
£235.41 (ex VAT)
£282.49 (inc VAT)
Lynx Technik: PTG-1802 (testor) Testor Lite
£990.00 (ex VAT)
£1,188.00 (inc VAT)
Datavideo: VS-100 Vector Scope & Waveform Monitor Kit
£574.50 (ex VAT)
£689.40 (inc VAT)
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