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Stunning image quality - ideal for photography

Project high-resolution photography and video that faithfully reproduce the 'real world' brightness, vibrant colours and superb contrast of the original photos. Images are clear, precise and seamless with no lattice effect, and with a wide choice of preset image modes available, stunning results can be achieved in almost any lighting conditions or environments.

LCOS panels with AISYS technology

Canon HD projectors use LCOS (Liquid Crystal On Silicon) panels in combination with our unique AISYS technology to deliver outstandingly smooth yet detailed images from both computer and video-based sources. Even in high ambient light levels colours are true and images are free from the unwanted 'lattice' and 'rainbow' effects often seen with other panel technologies.

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Canon Xeed WUX500 Projector
£3,810.43 (ex VAT)
£4,572.52 (inc VAT)
Canon: Xeed WUX450ST Projector
£3,832.24 (ex VAT)
£4,598.69 (inc VAT)
Canon WUX6010 Projector
£3,359.00 (ex VAT)
£4,030.80 (inc VAT)
Canon: XEED WUX500 Medical
£3,862.75 (ex VAT)
£4,635.30 (inc VAT)
Canon: XEED WUX450ST Medical
£5,491.66 (ex VAT)
£6,589.99 (inc VAT)
Canon: XEED WUX6010  Medical
£3,969.89 (ex VAT)
£4,763.87 (inc VAT)
NEC PA671W WXGA Installation Projector 6700 ANSI  W/O Lens
£2,845.47 (ex VAT)
£3,414.56 (inc VAT)
NEC PA572W WXGA Installation Projector 5700 ANSI  W/O Lens
£2,528.88 (ex VAT)
£3,034.66 (inc VAT)
NEC PA722X XGA Installation Projector 7200 ANSI  W/O Lens
£2,407.22 (ex VAT)
£2,888.66 (inc VAT)
NEC PA672W WXGA Installation Projector 6700 ANSI  W/O Lens
£2,845.47 (ex VAT)
£3,414.56 (inc VAT)
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